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Mar 05 2009

don’t worry baby

Welllll I still haven’t done any reading for pre-institute work, even though this week has been spring break and I’ve been home. I’ve been pretty busy doing other things, but I’m not that worried because I know I will get going on it soon. I don’t want to have to cram everything in at the end.

My stepmom might be driving to Texas with me (and then flying back) when I move down there, which would be awesome. I don’t mind driving alone that much, but I know that I wouldn’t like having to stay in hotels by myself.

Even though I get stressed out with stuff, at the end of the day I am really excited. I’m really looking forward to moving to a new place, and its such a bonus that its a warm-weathered location! I hate snow and the winter, and I’ve always wanted to live down south at one point. I’m really excited about getting to meet a ton of new people, especially people who have similar interests and goals. I’m happy that not only I have a job, but that its a job that actually matters–I will care about my work. (As opposed to when I worked for my dad..pretty hard to “care” about making pizzas and salads, ringing people up on the register, taking orders, etc.)

I’ll probably start doing phone interviews with schools soon, so that’s exciting. I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be teaching!

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  1. Congrats! You’ve probably heard this from other CMs as well, but the pre-institute work isn’t that important… I mean, it’s definitely useful to observe classrooms and reflect on what you saw, and to read about strategies for classroom management. But no matter how much you read, nothing beats the actual experience of lesson planning and teaching your own class over the summer. Institute feels like a whirlwind no matter how much pre-reading you do, but you’ll adapt. :)

    Good luck with the transition!

  2. maine09rgv

    Thank you! I actually haven’t talked with other CMs that are currently teaching but I’m happy to hear that I shouldn’t stress out about this reading so much. I have just felt pretty overwhelmed with everything lately but I need to jump in sooner or later with it! Thanks for your comments!

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